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Homeschooling Resources

With the school year starting and many schools limited to distance-learning, we understand that many parents will need to take a more active role in their children's education. Rather than shoulder the entire teaching burden, we encourage parents to take advantage of the nearly endless online resources. While sifting through the various resources can be daunting, Sylvia Chin (an MFA advisor who homeschooled her kids even before the pandemic) has put together a list of homeschooling resources. The below is curated, organized by resource type, and contains a short summary of each resource. We hope that you find this valuable and good luck this school year!

Online Classes and Resources
1Fusion AcademyGr 6-12https://www.fusionacademy.com/VariousOne-to-one education so it's highly customizable to the child's need. They have both physical school and online school.
 There are 50+ campuses across the US.
2Athena’s Advanced AcademyGr 5-12https://athenasacademy.com/Various100% online classes from social studies to geography to history to timely subjects like the election process. Classes have
 very active chat rooms but kids do not show their face. Homework optional.
3OutschoolAll ageshttps://outschool.com/Various100% online classes with a wide range of classes available. The quality of teaching can be highly variable. It’s important to
 vet teacher/class based on the reviews available. Zoom style classes.
4Khan AcademyK-12https://www.khanacademy.org/VariousThe videos are the best! They explain things well and follow up with questions to reinforce learning. Great for auditory
5IXL Math and EnglishK-12https://www.ixl.com/VariousMany practice questions but, without membership, it's limited to 10 free questions per day in each subject area.
6NextLessonK-12https://www.nextlesson.org/VariousCommon Core-aligned projects, lessons and worksheets.
7QuantumCampK-8https://www.quantumcamp.com/Math and ScienceTheir premise is that quantum physics can be taught to elementary school kids. Their topics are advanced but surprisingly, kids are not intimidated by them. They learn and figure things out through experiments and draw conclusions through
 group work. They are currently being offered online through Outschool because of the pandemic.
8Art of Problem Solving AcademyGr 6-12https://aopsacademy.org/Math and Language ArtsThey are known for their intense and advanced math courses. They have online courses as well as textbooks for self study.
 The textbook is a good supplement to traditional math learning.
9Beast AcademyGr 2-5https://beastacademy.com/MathEngaging graphic novel style textbooks. They also have an online version but it's self-paced. It’s not unusual for students to
 work on Beast Academy one level below their regular grade level. Good supplement for traditional math learning.
10BrilliantGr 5+https://brilliant.org/STEMA forum where motivated kids share math and physics problems and solutions. Great for visual learners.
Homeschool Curricula and Workbooks
1The Critical Thinking Co.PreK-12https://www.criticalthinking.com/VariousKid friendly workbooks that are fun to do, even when they are on "boring" topics such as grammar. Many critical thinking
 options available that develop spatial and reasoning ability.
2Evan-MoorPreK-12https://www.evan-moor.com/VariousEasy to do daily/weekly workbook exercise that kids can work on independently. "Daily Word Problems" for math is a great
 supplement to math drill exercises.
3TimberdoodleK-12https://timberdoodle.com/VariousTimberdoodle provides great homeschool recommendations by grade level. Many fun and tactile recommendations and
 customer service is outstanding. Their curriculum kits have 2 tracks: faith-based and non-religious.
4BookSharkK-12https://www.bookshark.comVariousBookShark is a literature-based homeschool curriculum provider. They have great book recommendations and even a step-
 by-step weekly program that families can follow.
5Royal Fireworks PressK-12https://www.rfwp.com/VariousThey are known for their Michael Clay Thompson language arts curriculum. The website also provides resources for gifted
 education and special needs education.
6The Well-Trained MindK-12https://welltrainedmind.com/VariousThey are known for their history and writing curriculum. The Classical Education homeschool community uses their
7Math DrillsK-12https://www.math-drills.com/MathA trove of worksheets for different math topics for different grades. Good source of daily math practice.
8Accelerated Reader BookfinderK-12https://www.arbookfind.com/Language ArtsUseful website to find word count and book level.
9Lexile and Quantile ToolsK-12https://hub.lexile.comLanguage ArtsUseful website to find lexile score for a book.
Monthly Subscription Box
1Little PassportsK-6https://www.littlepassports.com/Geography, Foreign
 Cultures, and Science
Everything is in the box. Low to medium parental involvement. Activities are more words and reading driven than hands-on
2Kiwi CoAll ageshttps://www.kiwico.com/STEM, Arts and CraftsGreat hands-on STEM projects. Many choices for different levels. Everything is in the box. Low to medium parental
3MEL ScienceGr 4-8https://melscience.com/ChemistryGreat hands-on chemistry project. Need to get items in addition to items provided in the box (usually items around the
 house). High parental involvement required. It has a VR headset and an online app.
4Amazon STEM ClubPre K-8https://www.amazon.com/STEM-Discovery-Boxes-Monthly-Subscription/dp/B07QYVCWHD/STEMHuge convenience because we are all Amazon customers. Easy sign up process and payment is already set up.
Purposeful Media Time
1OverSimplifiedGr 4-8YouTubeHistoryAnimated fast-paced videos with kids humor. They made complicated historic events understandable for kids.
2TED-EdGr 4-12YouTubeVariousAnimated educational videos around 5 minutes long. Wide range of interesting topics, especially for kids.
3Big History CrashCourseGr 6-12YouTubeHistory and Social StudiesAn ambitious project that integrates science, math and history to journey from the creation to the death of the universe and
 is based on the Big History Project social studies curriculum.
4MasterClassAll ageshttps://www.masterclass.comVariousWide range of topics taught by accomplished individuals in their fields. Every member of the family can find something
 interesting to learn from MasterClass. Subscription required.