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MFA Expands With Second Office in Fremont

Morling Financial Advisors is excited to announce it has opened a second office in Fremont, California. The additional office location will allow MFA to better serve its clients who live and work in the East Bay and South Bay.

Fremont is the 4th largest city in the Bay Area and continues to grow rapidly, as companies such as Tesla and Facebook expand their presence in Fremont. Wa Huong, Senior Managing Partner, commented, “We are looking forward to continued growth and the Fremont office allows us to access new pools of talent and skills to better serve our clients. In fact, we have already made our first local hire.”

Clients will now be able to meet with their advisors in San Francisco, Fremont, or virtually. The expansion is one of many investments MFA is making to better serve its clients, including additional resources in areas such has technology, alternative investments, ESG, as well as traditional asset classes. 

Matt Shibata, Managing Partner, noted, “In addition to better serving our existing clients, we are excited to bring quality financial advice to an area without many independent firms. Several of our team members live in the Fremont area and we know that residents are more or less limited to advice from the big banks. I think we’re all excited to bring independent advisory services to the community that we live in.”

The office is located near Fremont’s new downtown area, at 39355 California Street, Suite 201A, Fremont, CA 94538.