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Stop AAPI Hate

MFA has four core values: Integrity, Team, Ownership, & Care. We believe an important aspect of CARE is promoting awareness for and supporting marginalized communities.

Through our charitable-matching program for employees, MFA recently donated to an organization that our Managing Partner Matt Shibata donated to. MFA matched Matt's donation to the local charitable organization Stop AAPI Hate. Matt commented, "My grandparents and their families were sent to internment camps in the 1940s and so I understand that anti-Asian American racism is not a new phenomenon, but I am saddened by dramatic increase in anti-Asian rhetoric and violence over the past year. The violence perpetrated against the elderly has been especially horrific." MFA stands with Matt against AAPI hate.

MFA hopes to make small differences where we can. If you are a client interested in partnering in future CARE programs, please let us know.