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The Employment Picture: 2018 Q4

Below is a collection of high-level employment data, which can helpful in understanding the current economic environment as well as how it compares to economic cycles of years past. We have added some commentary of our own to some of the charts. Enjoy!

Real GDP continues to grow steadily. Not too hot, not too cold, but within the steady growth range that we have lived in since 2009. 


Job growth remains strong with the benchmark NFP report showing an increase of 312,000 jobs in December 2018 plus upward revisions to previous months. NFP stands for “non-farm payrolls.”


The number of people filing or unemployment benefits ticked up towards the end of the year, but remains near all-time lows. Some portion of the increase in claims were related to the government shutdown. Red bars indicate recessions.


The unemployment rate in California hit a new all-time low, while the national unemployment rate inched up a bit but is still near all-time lows. Red bars indicate recessions.


Unemployment by Education


Unemployment by Gender


Unemployment by Race