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Kaiser Physicians

Are you a physician at Kaiser Permanente ? If so, we understand the opportunities and challenges you face. We specialize in advising physicians just like you on how to navigate everything from Kaiser’s wide array of benefit choices to allocating investments and managing your household finances.

Our advisors are fluent in the benefit packages offered to Kaiser Permanente's physicians. We can help you ensure your Kaiser-sponsored benefits are selected and structured optimally.

A. Pension Plans

Plan 1- Qualified or Pre-Tax Plan
Supplemental Retirement Plans

B. Savings Plans

Kaiser Permanete offers a few options when it comes to savings plans. Many physicians need help not only choosing the right plan, but also determining how to allocate their retirement accounts. Investing in this manner requires expertise in proper fund selection and rebalancing, so we recommend discussing your options with your financial advisor before making any final decisions.

Permanente Contribution Plan or Plan 2
Salary Deferral Plan or Plan 3
Component 1
Component 2

C. Tax-Deferred Compensation

How Do Tax-Deferred Compensation Plans work? They allow Senior physicians to contribute a percentage of their base salary and annual incentive pay on a pretax basis. Additionally, they may also lower tax liability in a specific year by deferring recognition of income until a later year.

What To Know About Tax-Deferred Compensation
Additional Company-Paid Benefits you may qualify for upon eligible retirement: Medical (including vision)

Disclosure: This is for informational use only, please check with your employer’s benefits department to confirm all eligible benefits