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ImpactAssets' COVID Response Funds

MFA has four core values: Integrity, Team, Ownership, & Care. We believe an important aspect of CARE is to help those negatively impacted by COVID-19.

Through our charitable-matching program for employees, MFA recently matched a donation to ImpactAssets' COVID Response Funds which are a trio of vehicles formed by businesses and non-profit organizations to combat the negative impact of COVID-19.

  • Stop the Spread Fund, which supports companies on the frontline of fighting the pandemic by providing PPE, developing medical interventions, and so on.
  • Preserve the Progress Fund, which supports high-impact companies threatened by this global recession.
  • Business and Community Resilience Fund, which supports businesses and communities with limited access to government aid, domestically and globally.

Those interested in giving to any of the above areas (or all three), can visit http://impactassets.org/covid-19 for more information.