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MFA has four core values: Integrity, Team, Ownership, & Care. We believe an important aspect of CARE is to help our neighbors and those in need.

Through our charitable-matching program for employees, MFA recently donated to an organization that our Senior Managing Partner Wa Huong partnered with. MFA supplemented Wa's donation to a local charitable organization in Richmond, in order to purchase much-needed supplies and distribute groceries to the local community. In addition to donating, Wa worked with a neighborhood grocery store in Richmond to secure 600 cans of green beans, 600 containers of spaghetti sauce, 600 packages of pasta, 300 cans of mixed veggies, and 100 boxes of Cheez-Its... of course, we cannot forget about the Cheez-Its!

We recognize that there are social and economic barriers for many in the Bay Area and it is even more apparent during this pandemic. We hope to make small differences where we can. If you are a client interested in partnering in future CARE programs, please let us know.