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The Employment Picture: 2018 Q4 Thumbnail

The Employment Picture: 2018 Q4

Below is a collection of high-level employment data, which can helpful in understanding the current economic environment as well as how it compares to economic cycles of years past. We have added some commentary of our own to some of the charts. Enjoy!

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Negative & Exclusionary Screening Thumbnail

Negative & Exclusionary Screening

Negative screening (or exclusionary screening) is the process of screening specific assets out of an investment universe or strategy. Implementing these screens is called divesting and results in divestment.

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GDP: Q2 2018 Thumbnail

GDP: Q2 2018

We have received several questions recently about the US economy in light of the "trade wars" and whether it is headed for a recession. GDP data for Q2 2018 was released this morning and it reaffirmed that there is no economic slowdown in sight.

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