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MFA is not a one-size fits all firm and we offer deep expertise in specific areas of planning and investing.

Equity Compensation

Many of our clients receive a portion or a majority of their compensation in the form of stock and/or stock options. We help clients analyze what they have and strategize an optimal strategy that balances upside, risks, and taxes.




We serve many clients who face complex financial and tax situations.

Real Estate

Our team can advise on all types of real estate transactions, from ground-up development to rehabs to traditional SFRs and STRs.

Alternative Investments

We specialize in institutional-quality private investments targeting differentiated returns that are not correlated to the public markets.

Direct Indexing

Direct (or custom) indexing allows us to optimize your portfolio, based on your tax situation, equity compensation, existing investments, and/or values.

Impact Investing

We help clients align their investment portfolios with their values and can target positive environmental and/or social outcomes, if desired.